i tweet for cash

This post first published on Construction News’ website, written appropriately twitter-style, in 140 character chunks…..

“Has anyone made any money from twitter?” I asked.  Well. No is the short answer. But there is a longer one.

It’s not (always) about the money, as @JessieJofficial says. @AISJoe says the gain can be more than pound notes. What about awareness?True – awareness is often the goal of a marketing communications campaign. Can deliver it? Yes. Is anyone measuring it? No.Understanding and positioning can also be delivered well using twitter. You can communicate packets of information to an audience.Over time you can change people’s perceptions about your company, product or service. This is a valuable thing to be able to do.Some claim a growth in interest. @eaglesandrew has sold more sustainable housing courses since starting to tweet. Web traffic has increased.

@planitbuildit have not yet sold anything, but have had a few enquiries via twitter.

And relationships are important. twitter can help. Meet new people, impress them with your knowledge. Build a relationship.

As @subutcher says, once you meet someone on twitter loads of other things come in to play, and opportunity opens up.

tweets can be auditable. You can follow the trail from initial contact to outcome, as @AISJoe points out. True. Is anyone doing that? No.

Does it matter that there’s no measurement? Not necessarily. Twitter is, by consensus, not a sales tool.

@noblefrancis is on the sceptical side. “Do you waste time on twitter 4 little gain?”, he says. Almost certainly. Which bit is waste?

When it is essentially about positioning & relationship, it’s hard to spot work resulting, or the relationships that will be profitable.

Is that going to stop me, or anyone else in the #tcntop100 tweeting? I should say not. And that, in itself, is reason to take note.

Just because you can’t prove it works, doesn’t mean it doesn’t. And if I think it works as well as other forms of marketing communication…?

To paratweet @lordlever: I know half my time on twitter is wasted. But to be honest, that’s a result. Lol.


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